Board of Directors

Lynn Kramer

Founder, CEO

As a single mother who lost a child to suicide, I decided to start an organization that would support and encourage young people to be active in their communities. Research done by Dartmouth concluded that young people who are involved in their communities are less likely to suffer from learning disabilities, ADHD, and depression. Depression caused my son’s death. Let’s work together to guide young people to be the best they can be and to make the most of their talents and opportunities. Let’s teach them to deal with challenges, obstacles, and conflict. We can show them that they can turn to a community that will get them through their darkest day.

Sandee M. Powell


I returned to Pullman in the summer of 2002 with $4.00 in my pocket. I was pregnant and had my two sons ages 3 and 11 with me. Transforming from a stay-at-home mom to a single working mom was difficult. Learning to balance work and raising my boys with as much hands on time as possible has been a challenge. But, with the right guidance and support everything began falling into place. Today I am an active iBELIEVE board member, a Kiwanian and PHS Key Club advisor, Rotary participant, and I work full-time as the Events and Public Space Manager at Gladish Community and Cultural Center.  With all of that; my boys and I still spend amazing hours together and take off in the summer for numerous camping trips together with our dog, Bruno. Staying connected is important. Working together with iBELIEVE allows me to add to the community, which so lovingly embraced me and my family when we returned, in a way that is desperately needed.

Jennafer McCutchen


Jennafer grew up in Walla Walla where she graduated from Walla Walla Community College with Honors. During her time there she was very active in the community and organized an autism awareness walk to help educate the community and support her son. Upon graduating from WWCC she transferred to WSU and completed her Bachelor of Art’s degree in Philosophy. She has two beautiful children, 13 year old Becca and 11 year old Caleb. She is currently a Financial Concierge for Washington Trust Bank where she is able to continue supporting her local community. Her hobbies include kayaking, snowboarding, and rooting for the Cougs on Saturday and the Seahawks on Sunday.

John Hinz


John grew up in Pullman, and after graduating from Pullman High School, earned his BA in Biology at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, IN.  He then moved to Salt Lake City and received his Ph.D. in Oncological Sciences from the University of Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute, studying how cells repair DNA to prevent cancer-causing mutations.  John worked at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, CA, studying the effects of radiation on DNA.  John now works at Washington State University, in the School of Molecular Biosciences, where he researches gene targeting and DNA repair, in addition to running WSU’s Phage Hunters program.  John is an Eagle Scout, and is cubmaster for Cub Scout Pack 419 in Pullman, in addition to being treasurer for iBELIEVE of the Palouse.  He enjoys gaming, teaching, outdoor exploration, and working with children.

Myrissa McCann


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Dillon Mueller


Savannah Mueller


Beth Semingson


Beloved by all her friends, Beth has been a Pullman society staple for years. Known for making everyone feel invited and special, she worked with Lynn at Windermere for years, and now runs Vanities Salon full time.

Beth has always had a passion from people. Since her college days, learning business management accounting, to now with her community outreach, she has always been focused on relationships and friends.

She lends her talents to iBelieve as a trustee since iBelieve’s founding. She helps schedule events, excite our attendees, brings food and love for everyone!

Jose Vazquez


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Jennifer Dickerson


Jennifer joined our iBelieve of the Palouse Board as Secretary last year and has been an amazing addition.  She continues to volunteer her time for all our Collaboration Day Events and any where else she is needed.

David Kipelian


Born 43 years ago to an extended family of six girls and 7 boys, I was named Melita and later baptized as David. My name is David M. Kipelian. I am a father of 2 girls and 3 boys. An emigrant from Kenya, born and raised in the pastoral areas of the arid Savanah, my early and humble beginning taught me how to respect and protect the wild flora and fauna. Just like our communities the ecosystem needs to be preserved and so are our humanity virtues.

I have been an active volunteer with the Kenya Red Cross for over 5 years and actively participated in advocacy of the pandemic HIV/AIDS. Within our communities through arts (acting, singing, poetry) A heart to reach out to the needy and the vulnerable was in part enhanced by my environment. Our Maasai community fully depend on livestock and we are nomads moving from one area to another in search of water and pasture for our cows, sheep and goats. Sharing of available resources like food and water brought us together more physically and spiritually. We took care of our families and neighbors tirelessly without even thinking of any other way of compensation apart from reciprocating the same. We dug dry river beds searching for drinking water, we took turns digging deep rooted wild roots for both water substitution and food. We helped each other fence our homes using shrubs, we repulsed predators coming for our livestock together. We knew each other vocal tunes while herding our cows and respond to a distress Call!

It is with the belief of selflessly giving out whatever skill, service or just company to motivate the few good people who work so hard to make this world a better place. I met a wonderful lady who introduced me to iBELEIVE of the Palouse and right away I felt at home away from home. I have met great men and women with a common purpose of bringing youths in the community together for direct and indirect skills building. Mentoring the youths is a noble cause that gives the world a brighter meaning.

It has been a year since I was recruited to the board of iBELEIEVE of the Palouse and I feel I am being mentored more by the great minds I am with besides the great community service offered. Resourceful souls are a treasure.

Heidi Washington


Heidi Washington grew up in Whitefish, Montana and has lived in the Pacific Northwest all of her life.  She has volunteered and served on committees while her two grown boys were growing up.  They were involved in sporting activities and she was always involved in all of their school activities.  Heidi has joined the iBELIEVE of the Palouse board from the conception of the organization for the opportunity to give back to the youth of our community and the community itself.